"ONGO your samples ON the GO" 

with ONGO's mobile CASA units

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Mobile semen analyser compatible species from www.ongovettech.com

10 Features and Benefits of ONGO Semen Analyzers

  1. Portability allows for on-site semen quality diagnostics, which improves accuracy by preventing sample degradation during transport and saves on logistics costs.
  2. Running on battery enables remote areas or farm and practice settings without access to electricity.
  3. Controlled heated stage to body temperature (settings differ for species) for slides during measurements improves accuracy - no need for external tools.
  4. Automatic focus speeds up measurement and improves accuracy - manual adjustment possible if needed.
  5. Live view allows visual control of the field of view and moving slides along the measurement axis enables a chamber overview to find a more appropriate field of measurements - "what you see is what you get" principle.
  6. On-screen results including cell count, concentration, progressive and total motility give immediate readings about the sample.
  7. Repeating measurements on the same slide and chamber with different field of view control sample heterogeneity by displaying the average of motility and concentration (cell count added up) led to more reliable quality analysis.
  8. All measurements are saved to a pendrive or hard drive with a dedicated measurement identification number to archive and document readings. Measurement files include videos in mp4 format, results in pdf (ready to print) or csv files format. Each repeated measurement is saved to the same folder. Exporting results is platform-independent and simple (just copy/paste the folder or share files via email). Easy to integrate into local documentation or practice/farm management systems.
  9. No need for internet access for measurement, and you own your data.
  10. Works only with ONGO SLIDES at a standard price, which allows for calibration-free operations. So no hidden maintenance cost and better reliability due to no unknown inaccuracy from calibration issues.

Two Units for Semen Analysis: 

Choose the Best Fit for Your Needs

  • ONGO COMPACT and ONGO VISION both use the same software and provide the same level of accuracy, and both work exclusively with ONGO SLIDES, eliminating the need for calibration.
  • ONGO COMPACT is best suited for high throughput semen production or insemination sites where fast results for quality assurance are required, while ONGO VISION is ideal for settings where high-quality imaging and thorough analysis is needed or the output is used in marketing or sales.