"Let's ONGO your samples"

VAT included!





USB-A (female) - USB-C OTG cable (with USB 3.0 or higher specification) 


USB-A (male) - USB-A (male) cable for connecting the unit to your Tablet or Smart Phone (via the OTG cable)


Hard Case (for protecting and transporting the kit)


Licences for 11species in the application (app is available in 10 different)

1 box (containing 25pcs of slides for 50 measurements)

Ongo Slides

ONGO VISION - Mobile Sperm Analysing Unit from www.ongovettech.com

ONGO VISION Starter Kit specifications

Ongo Vision size (width x height x depth)

126mm x 81mm x 98mm

Ongo Vision weight


Battery life

2 - 2.5 hours (3.7 V, 4100 mA) (depending on outside temperature etc.)

Optical Unit's magnification


Heated stage temperature range

37 - 38 (species dependent)

Analysis duration

30 - 120 sec (depending on outside temperature)

Results on display

cell count, concentration (mL), progressive motility (%), total motility (%)

Export data on pendrive or Hard drive

.csv, .pdf, .mp4

Carrying case size  (width x height x depth)

320mm x 255mm x 164mm

Carrying case total weight


ONGO Vision is a smaller unit, and has no built in display but you can use it via the ONGO APP (an android based application), so you can visualize the analysis on your smartphone or tablet or even on much bigger screens.

It depends on you and your needs as both units have the same accuracy, and both of them has a built in heated sample stage as well. ONGO COMPACT is best suited for high throughput semen production or insemination sites where fast results for quality assurance are required, while ONGO VISION is ideal for settings where high-quality imaging and thorough analysis is needed or the output is used in marketing or sales.

Actually the fundamental of the two softwares are the same and also you can use them basically on the same method. But while on COMPACT it is a preinstalled software that you have on the hardware, in case of ONGO VISION you need to download the ONGO Application from GOOGLEPLAY to your smartphone or tablet to use it with the ONGO semen analysing unit.

Yes, both units - ONGO COMPACT and ONGO VISION - are having the same accuracy and are using the same precalibrated slides

No, definitely not. You can use any precalibrated ONGO slides for your measurements in both ONGO sperm analyser units.

The app is set to use automatically the language settings of your smartphone. So if you were setting for instance French as basic language on your android phone - and this language is supported already by ONGO, then the App is going to "run" in French. The list of the already supported (10) language list is uploaded to our website. You can find it at "Which languages are supported currently by the ONGO VISION app"

You can can get: Cell count data (act/sum); Progressive motile (%); Total motile (%); Immotile (%); Progressive Concentration (M/ml); Concentration (M/ml); Native Progressive Concentration (M/ml); Native Concentration (M/ml); Dilution rate; Samlple, Diluent.

From android 8. ("Android Oreo") version up to higher versions of Android it is working. These are basically android devices produced from 2017 and on. BUT it is very important, that your android device has to have a USB-C connector (also known as Type-C) with a working built in USB 3.0 port version (or higher, like 3.1 - gen 1., gen 2. - or 3.2). We are continuously testing the app with different brands and android versions of smartphones and tablets and are going to upload a compatibility list very soon (which is going to be updated from time to time of course).

The language list is growing, and we try to meet all requests that we get from our valued customers. If your language is not on the list yet, then the english version will run on your phone automatically. If your native language is not supported yet, you can - of course - use any ONGO supported languages on your phone only by switching your android smartphone's "language and input" in the settings of your android device.

No, unfortunately not. In such a case you have to have a firmware update on your device. Please contact us (click on the "Contact us" button below) and we are going to do the upgrade for you free of charge, and sending your device back to you.

Certainly you can use them, no need to buy new slides because of the upgrade.

English, german, french, dutch, spanish, portugese, hungarian, arabic, chinese, russian.

Click here to download the ONGO VISION user manual (Windows version) for easy reference and troubleshooting. Our manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the analyzer and interpret the results. With this resource, you can quickly become familiar with the device and ensure accurate semen analysis every time.

ONGO VISION mobile semen analyser with precalibrated slides measuring and visualizing the results via a mobile smartphone by www.ongovettech.com phone