Ongo Vision: 

The Mobile Semen Analyzer with Built-in Computer.

Smaller, lighter, and you can connect your smartphone or tablet for a more spectacular visualization to an even more smaller unit

Ongo Vision specifications

Ongo Vision size (width x height x depth)

125mm x 81mm x 98mm

Ongo Vision weight


Battery life

2 - 2.5 hours (3.7 V, 4100 mA)

Microscope magnification


Heated stage temperature range

37 - 38 (species dependent)

Analysis duration

30 - 50 sec

Results on display

cell count, concentration (mL), progressive motility (%), total motility (%)

Export data on pendrive or Hard drive

.csv, .pdf, .mp4

Carrying case size  (width x height x depth)

320mm x 255mm x 164mm

Carrying case total weight


Download the Ongo Vision user manual from here for easy reference and troubleshooting. Our manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the analyzer and interpret the results. With this resource, you can quickly become familiar with the device and ensure accurate semen analysis every time.