Ongo Compact:

The Mobile Semen Analyzer with Built-in Computer.

"Let's ONGO your samples"

Product Features of Ongo Compact

The Ongo Compact is designed to meet the unique needs of breeding, artificial insemination, and special reproduction veterinary practices in multiple species.

  • Its compact and lightweight design allows for portability and on-site semen quality diagnostics, ensuring accuracy and savings on logistics costs.
  • The controlled heated stage maintains body temperature during measurements, improving accuracy without the need for external tools.
  • The automatic focus and live view features allow for fast and accurate measurements, while the on-screen results give immediate readings about the sample.

ONGO Compact - Starter Kit  



Ongo Compact UNIT


Charger for the unit


USB drive for data saving


Hard Case (for protecting the kit)


Licence for the species choosen by the customer

1 box (containing 25pcs of slides for 50 measurements)

Ongo Slides

Ongo Compact specifications

Ongo Compact Size

214 mm x 129 mm x 71 mm

Ongo Compact weight

1 kg

Battery life

1.5 - 2 hours (3.7 V, 4100 mA)

Microscope magnification


Heated stage temperature range

37 - 38 (species dependent)

Analysis duration

30 - 50 sec

Results on display

cell count, concentration (mL), progressive motility (%), total motility (%)

Export data on pendrive

.csv, .pdf, .mp4

Carrying case size

3900 mm x 3300 mm x 1700 mm

Total carrying case weight

4 kg

Download the Ongo Compact user manual from here for easy reference and troubleshooting. Our manual includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the analyzer and interpret the results. With this resource, you can quickly become familiar with the device and ensure accurate semen analysis every time.