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Ongo Vettech is a venture capital-backed startup that has developed the Ongo portable CASA for breeders and veterinary reproduction specialist. Our team of experts in computer imaging and data science are dedicated to improving the applicability and accuracy of object detection and tracking in video-streamed datasets such as computer-aided semen analysis. You can count on us and count with us.


Original product idea for the ONGO portable semen analyser

Original product idea: MFL202M

How it started 

It all started at Microfluidlabs - a reproduction research and development company - and the basic concept was to translate microfluidics into reproduction tools. 

Microfluidlabs headquartered on KFKI Campus of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) which provided a unique access to research facilities and talented science professionals. Clinical tests has been conducted at our research facility in Gyongyos.

Original product idea (codename: MFL202M) consisted of a female reproductive tract microfluidic chamber combined with portable computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) system. 

Sperm motility patterns measurement in this "smart" chamber could have predicted fertility more accurately compared to passive slides. 

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ONGO mobile semen analysis unit versions

ONGO Spermtest versions

Making a manufacturing ready product:

After successful proof-of-concept validation, the Company moved to Karolina street Campus of HAS housing other biotech startups. We partnered with Z Elektronika (Pecs) to turn MFL202M into a manufacturing ready product. Parallel to that, we contracted for glass slide production and for development of slide authentication. We organised multi centric (Univetmed, Vienna; Research Institute for Animal Breeding, Herceghalom) clinical studies to independently validate our mobile CASA system against gold standard in pig and horse breeding. These cooperation resulted in several scientific publication backing our device applicability.

ONGO COMPACT - final product version
Ongo Vettech's team is signing a contract
Ongo Vettech team meeting