(Frequently Asked Questions)

ONGO Compact and ONGO Vision are portable Semen Analysers with Built-in Computer. Both of them are a portable CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analyser) systems.

Yes, exactly. This way you can save costs, have results much faster and on a more effective way, without having the risk of "something is happening" with the samples on the way to the laboratory.

Not at all. This is one of the main feature of these units. You do not have to be an expert. ONGO gives you concentration and motility data right away. Like any CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analyser) system.

Basically on a variety of species including 🐔 poultry, 🐶 dogs, 🐴 horses, 🐂 bulls,🐖 boars, 🐏 rams, goats, deers, mice, rabbits, fish, for both fresh, cooled and post-thawed semen samples. But as we got more and more further requests for more species we are ready to fulfill all the needs.

Yes, you can. ONGO Compact and Vision are portable, computer-assisted semen analyzers that use the same methodology as a CASA system. It' is battery operated, so you can effectively ONGO your samples, ON the GO :) Certainly if you'd prefer more a network connected unit, you have the option to plug it in ant use it via the main current.

You can buy directly from us, or via our distributors.

We are working with UPS courier.

English, german, french, dutch, spanish, portugese, hungarian, arabic, chinese, russian.

No, ONGO Compact only works with ONGO Slides which are calibrated and tested to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability. The standard price for ONGO Slides include calibration, making them cost effective and hassle-free solution for your semen analysis needs. The calibration-free operation also eliminates the risk of inaccuracies caused by calibration issues, ensuring more reliable results for your breeding programs.

Yes, we offer 30-day money-back guarantee for ONGO Compact and ONGO Vision. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30days of purchase for a full refund. Please note that that the product must be returned in its original condition with all accessories included.

If your ONGO Compact or ONGO Vision product is faulty within the one-year warranty period, please contact our support team at support at ongovettech.com. We will replace the faulty product for free of charge, and there is no maintenance or service fee during the warranty period either.

Yes, but we are constantly add new distributors to our partner network. If you would like to become our distributor, please fill out our distributor application form on our website. If we already have a distributor in your country, we will forward your inquiry to them. If not, we will serve you directly.

Yes, ONGO Compact and ONGO Vision are mobile (portable), computer-assisted semen analyzers that use the same methodology as a CASA system. It detects sperm using short video sequences to determine concentration and tracks their movement behavior to determine motility. Our devices use state-of-the-art technologies such as lighting, optical imaging, video recording, automatic focusing, microcomputers, and heating, all of which are contained within a small box. While desktop CASA systems offer additional features such as sperm morphology analysis, ONGO Compact is a cost-effective and portable alternative for accurate semen analysis.

ONGO Vision is a smaller unit, and has no built in display. Although certainly it is also possible to visualize the analysis on much bigger screens as you can connect it to your smartphone, tablet etc.